Deliver the Absolute BEST Virtual Wellness.
And spend less time managing and coaching.

We've spent over $3 million, worked with hundreds of companies and thousands of employees developing the CorSync Virtaul Platform.
CorSync Virtual Platform DEMO
Engagement = RESULTS
Designed specifically to deliver the best virtual wellness experience and RESULTS. 
Everything you need in ONE App 
  • ​Branded to your business
  • ​Deliver a modern fun experience 
  • ​Proven increase in engagement = results
  • ​Builds 24/7 connection to clients
Challenge Resources in One Place
  • ​Many pre-built challenges 
  • ​Easy access to all challenge resources
  • ​Meal plans and nutrition guides
  • ​Fitness and exercise tools 
  • ​Education and training
  • ​Schedule when resources are visible by challenge week
Meal Plan & Nutrition Tracking
  • ​Are challengers following their meal plan?
  • ​Set a target of 70-90% healthy meals for the week
  • ​Easily track each meal (photo, rank, notes) 
  • ​Quickly identify issues and trends
Fitness Plan Tracking
  • ​Are your clients following their fitness plan?
  • ​EKG heart rate (HRV) wearable
  • ​Science of EPOC - burn 10X calories
  • ​Track any activity in and outside the club 
  • ​Have a complete picture of weekly exercise
Weight & Body Fat Tracking
  • ​Are challengers trending to their goals? 
  • ​Use your scale or ours (in club or home)
  • ​Set specific body composition goals 
  • ​Regular measurements = 2x more likely to meet their goals
Before & After Measurement and Photos
  • ​Easily create and track before and after 
  • ​Track inches lost
  • ​Have a digital record - remove the paperwork and manual calculations 
Fun & Social Challenge Community
  • ​Build an engaging and accountability challenge community
  • ​Challenge social feed
  • ​Stars and leader boards - nutrition, fitness and weight loss
CorSync Virtual Accountability Coaching  
Impact and Results in Less Time
The CorSync platform and it's proprietary AI Accountability Coaching enables you to deliver amazing accountability coaching to hundreds of clients in just a few hours a week.  
Easily Track Engagement
  • ​Real time coaching data - view on mobile or web
  • ​Are challengers on track with their exercise plan?
  • ​Are challengers following their meal plan?
  • ​Are challengers measuring their body composition and making progress?
  • ​Better data = better coaching!
Intelligent Accountability Coaching
  • ​Easily send personal "batch" messages to groups depending on engagement
  • ​Send relevant personal messages to all challengers in under 10 minutes
  • ​Messages between participant and coach stored in a private feed  
  • ​No more hunting for text messages or email
  • ​Ensure all challengers are receiving quality coaching 
Personal Video Accountibility Coaching
  • ​One button click to send a personal video highlighting specific coaching actions for your clients 
  • ​Very fast way to provide very personal recommendations based upon real engagement
Group Video Accountability Coaching
  • ​One button click to send a personal video highlighting specific coaching actions for a group of your clients 
  • ​Very fast way to provide education, coaching and reminders to a group of clients 
The Four Accountability Coaching Methods
    CorSync Engagement Options  
    Options to drive results and grow your business
    Your Workouts On-Demand
    • ​Deliver your workouts live-streaming to clients located anywhere
    • ​Deliver your workouts on-demand to clients at anytime day or night
    • ​Not just a video, clients will see and compare their live metrics (heart rate, calories) with others in the class
    • ​Give your clients a solution when it's convenient for them 
    • ​Provide a virtual membership for individuals who live outside your geography
    Group Leaderboard Metrics
    • ​Real time metrics to better instruct
    • ​Chose views that meet your class objectives (% max, hear rate zones, calories, intensity, leaderboards)
    • ​Fun and social
    • ​Better results by training with the science of EPOC
    Are YOU Next?
    We help Wellness Entrepreneurs build their corporate wellness business.
    Real Companies. Real Results
    We've been delivering virtual corporate wellness for 12 years.
    Our typical corporate client implements 4 challenges each year (1 per quarter) and, on average, provides annual income of $65,000 and is a client for over 4.5 years.
    Significant Claims Savings
    YTD claims are 31% of expected
    YTD claims are 1/3 lower than PY
    “Nuvita has been our wellness partner for over 6 years. With Nuvita, we offer a range of challenges to keep employees and spouses engaged in their wellness year round. Our partnership with Nuvita has helped us manage our health care costs”
    Tracy Utterback
    CFO/Secretary Treasurer
    Jaynes Corporation