Add $6,000 - $19,500/mo in NEW Revenue

Deliver corporate wellness to businesses near you.

Without working long hours or cold calling.
We've Done it - We'll Teach You!
For 10 years, we've dramatically impacted the wellness of tens of thousands of employees at over 200 companies.
“I’ve owned my training studio for three years, and always felt there was a huge opportunity to help people on a grander scale through corporate wellness. I closed my first two companies worth $40,000 each in just a couple of months and have several more in my pipeline.”

Laurel Roach
Owner, TriFIT
Dante Yigael
CorSync Platform: Deliver the absolute best virtual programs, challenges and coaching that drives amazing results. 
CorSync Accountability Coaching: Grow your client base by 50,100, 200+ without adding more staff. 
Blue Ocean Marketing:  80% of the adult population does not belong to a fitness center.  Our programs attract a steady stream of new non-club clients from multiple sources including partners, community, corporate and social.
Why is Corporate Wellness The BEST New Revenue Source.
#1 Get All the Clients You Need
Stop fighting your competitors for the same clients.  According to IHRSA only 18% of the population has a fitness membership.  Corporate wellness brings new clients and a new revenue stream. 
#2 Huge Income Potential & Retention
Easily generate between $6,000 - $19,500 per month by providing corporate wellness to business near your facility.  Plus, the average retention of a corporate client is 4.5 years.  
#3 The Timing Is Excellent
Companies are spending more than ever on employee wellness and they are seeking real solutions that deliver real results.  Employees are very receptive to programs that are fun, personal and have real coaching.
#4 Greater Impact and Scale
10X your impact and revenue.  Impact the health of far more people without working crazy hours.
#5 Partner with an Industry Leader
Proven wellness solutions that generate industry leading engagement and results.  Proven Business Development that acquires the right clients.  Proven operational systems that deliver amazing experiences and retains clients for multiple years. 
Are YOU Ready?
  • I'm committed to building a $6,000 - $19,500/mo corporate wellness business NOW!
  • ​I have strong connections into my local business community.
  • I am passionate about helping people reach their wellness goals.
  • ​I'm ready to 10X my impact and revenue.
What You Get
Turn-Key Corporate Wellness System 
Our partnership and turn-key system gives you everything you need to build your six figure corporate wellness business fast.
CorSync - Worlds Leading Corporate Wellness Platform
We've spent over $3 million building CorSync.  We've worked with hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of employees developing our proprietary CorSync platform.  Now we're sharing it with you. 
  • ​Deliver market leading solutions with amazing engagement and results
  • ​Accountability Coaching: Easily engage 300+ employees without adding more staff
  • ​Provide many different themed programs/challenges (weight/fat loss, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, etc)
Proven Business Development System
Our goal is to build your $100,000+ Corporate wellness business in 3-6 months.  We've done it many times.  Are YOU next?
  • ​Complete Marketing and Sales System - no cold calling
  • Identifying ​Ideal Targets
  • Sales Presentation and Proposals​ 
  • ​Coaching and Mentoring 
  • ​All the tools and support to attract and close ideal clients
Mentoring, Support and Coaching
For the past 10 years we've worked with over 200 corporate clients providing wellness programs to tens of thousands of employees.  You'll get both business development and operations mentor and coach to ensure your success.
  • ​We'll provide you the tools, training and best practices you'll need to accelerate the building of your corporate challenge business
  • ​You will also be part of a regular meeting mastermind of other nuvita corporate wellness partners.
Common questions relating to the corporate wellness challenge business & partnership.
QUESTION: How much revenue can I expect and how soon?
ANSWER:  Obviously there are many factors, but if you meet the partner requirements, and commit the recommend time, it's reasonable to expect 150 employee clients (1-3 companies) within 3-6 months that will generate $100k+/year.
QUESTION: What characteristics do I need to be a partner and build a successful corporate challenge business.
ANSWER:  The most important success indicator is your connection into local businesses - Do you have contacts into local companies that are good targets for Corporate Challenges.  Secondly, your passion for delivering amazing results.  
QUESTION: What is a typical company implementation?
ANSWER:  Most companies implement 4 unique challenges each year (1 per quarter).  Most companies stay as clients for an average of 4+ years.
QUESTION: How many employees can a single coach manage effectively?
ANSWER:  Because of the power of the Nuvita CorSync Accountability Coaching Platform you can easily coach 300+ employees with one coach.
QUESTION: What are examples of the unique challenges?
ANSWER:  Weight / fat loss, transformation, clean eating and exercise, mindfulness, Holiday, SpringFit, etc.
Real Companies - How Much Can I Make? 
Large Profits - Recurring Revenue
Our typical client implements 4 challenges each year (1 per quarter) and on average is a client for over 4 years.
Jaynes Corporation
  • ​Industry: General Contractor 
  • ​Employees: 160
  • ​Program:  Six unique 6 week challenges annually 
  • ​Client Length: 7 Years
  • ​Nuvita Revenue: $78,000/year 
SECU Credit Union
  • ​Industry: Financial Services
  • ​Employees: 95
  • ​Program:  Four unique 6 week challenges annually 
  • ​Client Length: 4 Years
  • ​Nuvita Revenue: $46,000/year
Rody Law Firm
  • ​Industry: Legal
  • ​Employees: 145
  • ​Program:  Two unique 8 week challenges annually 
  • ​Client Length: 4 Years
  • ​Nuvita Revenue: $34,000/year
City of Albuquerque
  • ​Industry: Government
  • ​Employees: 4,200
  • ​Program:  One 12 week challenge annually 
  • ​Client Length: 8 Years
  • ​Nuvita Revenue: $137,000+/year 
American Asphalt
  • ​Industry: Services
  • ​Employees: 115
  • ​Program:  Three 8 week challenge annually 
  • ​Client Length: 3 Years
  • ​Nuvita Revenue: $42,000/year
"We offer 5-6 challenges each year and typically have 120-150 participants per challenge.  More than 80% of our participants complete the challenge requirements due to the strong accountability built into the program.  Nuvita has been central to our success over the years." 
Tracy Utterback
"We work with Nuvita providing a wide range of evidence based wellness challenges.  Most recently we delivered a weight loss challenge for over 350 people.  The Nuvita challenges are always popular and we always see great results.  I strongly recommend Nuvita.“
Lisa Gataon, MS
City Of Albuquerque
"This challenge changed my life.  Thank you coach Ana.  I have not felt this great in years.“
Brandy McClaren
"We're generating over $80,000 running multiple challenges.  Nuvita's CorSync Challenge platform has enables us  to impact 100's of participants without adding more staff. 
Brian and Melanie 
* Disclaimer: Results are not typical.  Results may vary.

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