Give Your Employees 
The Gift of Health
They will love you for it
 We've provided employee wellness to tens of thousands of employees at some of the nations leading companies.
Healthy, Happy Employees.
Our goal is to increase employee health and happiness in your organization.
Our solutions are personalized to your unique culture and your employees unique goals.   We'll help you drive deep employee engagement and loyalty while impacting the health and productivity of your employees.
I lost 38 pounds.  I changed my diet dramatically.  I sleep better.  I'm looking forward to buying new clothes! 
I lost 16 pounds.  My doctor took me off my diabetes medications.  Eating healthy and exercise has made an amazing change in my life.
My diabetes risk is gone and I lost 10 pounds.  The program was perfect for me and it taught me how to find the time to be healthy and happy.
Engagement = RESULTS.
Our employee wellness programs deliver 2-4X the national average engagement.
Great results and outcomes start with great engagement. And, engagement doesn’t just mean signing up. It means actually adopting healthy behaviors. Whether your organization is just beginning to implement employee wellness, or if you’ve been at it for years, Directing Path's flexible and powerful mobile first platform will drive impressive employee engagement.
  • It's Personal: Every employee receives a personal program as unique as they are. When your plan is right for your current health and your goals, it’s much more likely to be followed.
  • Amazing Coaches: Our coaches uses the latest in real time data and psychology to inspire and motivate employees to adopt healthy habits.
  • Keep it Fun:  Our programs incorporate fun and engaging challenges and social tools to keep employees motivated.
  • The right incentives:  We will help you develop and communicate engagement based incentives that will drive participation and accountability while supporting your unique culture.
  • ​Proprietary Technology. The heart of our solutions is the digital tools that pulls it all together and seamlessly delivers an enterprise wide employee wellness solution that will produce healthier and happier employees.
We Make it Personal.
Fun, Engaging Challenges
Challenges are the best way to engage your employees.  We have designed the best challenges that will appeal to a large number of employees and deliver amazing results.  We'll deliver multiple unique challenges each year.  Transformation, fat loss, mindfulness, New years, Spring, Holidays and many more. 
Accountability Coaching
We'll be with you every step of the way to guide and inspire you to reach your transformation goals.  With our App, we'll be able to monitor your exercise, nutrition and weight loss progress giving you real feedback and ensuring you're following your plan with motivation and accountability. 

"Accountability Coaching is the secret to YOUR success"
Anti-Diet Nutrition and Meal Plan
Our philosophy of "consistently good vs. occasionally perfect" takes the pain out of managing your diet.  Finally, a real program that doesn't require you to give up the foods you love and you won't be hungry or miserable.  
  • Personal meal plans
  • Shopping lists and lots of healthy recipes
  • Eating out guides, portion guides, hunger scale, and much more.
Personal Fitness Plans
We'll take the guesswork out of your exercise.  The Better YOU Challenge includes a heart rate based fitness plan that's completely personalized to your fitness and your individual goals.  Get the most out of every exercise session and learn the 10X calorie burn science.  You're busy and don't have time to determine what workout to do each day.  Leave it to us.  Welcome to the best hour of your day.
Advanced Time Saving Fitness Tech
Our fun to use fitness technology saves you time by showing you exactly what you need to do while always tracking your progress.
  • ​Heart rate wearable and fitness app ensuring you get the most of your exercise
  • ​Smart body fat scale to track your fat loss progress
  • ​Nutrition program and tracking App
  • ​Your coach will see your nutrition, fat loss and exercise progress and provide direct feedback, motivation and Accountability Coaching
We do the heavy lifting...
We know you're busy, that's why our solution includes the program management to insure success with little of your staffs precious time. 

Employee Marketing

Email campaigns.  Social media campaigns.  Employee presentations and more.

The Right Incentive Plan

We'll help you select the right incentives for you goals and culture.  Our platform makes it easy.

Analytics and Reporting

Weekly reports showing you exactly the engagement and success of your employee programs.
Real Companies
Real Results.
Our typical client implements 4 challenges each year (1 per quarter) and on average is a client for over 4 years.
Significant Claims Savings
YTD claims are 31% of expected
YTD claims are 1/3 lower than PY
“Nuvita has been our wellness partner for over 6 years. With Nuvita, we offer a range of challenges to keep employees and spouses engaged in their wellness year round. Our partnership with Nuvita has helped us manage our health care costs”
Tracy Utterback
CFO/Secretary Treasurer
Jaynes Corporation