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FREE 6 Week Challenge
  • Your own Personal Coaches: Jess and Ana.
  • Personal Nutrition Program: Meal Planner, Recipe Books, Eating Out Guide, etc.
  • Personal Exercise Plan: Smart workouts that burn calories for 36 hours.
  •  Challenge Community:  Connect with and support others in the Challenge. 
PREMIUM CHALLANGE Option:  Boost your Results
SAVE 50%    Normal Price $490  Special: $245
  • Enhanced Coaching: Monitoring your progress and providing additional motivation and support.  
  •  Nuvita App: Set your goals, track your progress and save time.
  • Cardio Monitor: Ensure you're burning calories for an extra 36 hours.
  •  Smart Scale.  Establish your ideal weight and body fat.  Track your weight loss success.
Questions?  Talk to a Coach.
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"Challenge participants who upgrade to the Boost package see an average of 2X greater weight loss!"


Normal Price $490
Special Price $245

Limited time.  Order Today.

100% satisfaction guarantee

If you're not completely happy with your results.  We will refund 100% of the cost of the Boost upgrade.
Why should you upgrade and Boost your results?

Hi.  I'm Ana, your health coach.

There are three really good reasons to upgrade to the Boost package.
1.  Most importantly, I will be able to coach you better.  Because of the scale, monitor and app, I will be able to provide you with a much more personal program based upon more personal goals.  In addition, I will be able to monitor your progress and provide powerful suggestions and motivation.
2. You will get the most out of your workouts and nutrition program with the use of these tools.  You'll know that your exercising in the perfect way to burn calories and that your nutrition plan is working.
3.  You will see great results.  Participants who upgrade to the Boost package see an average of 2x the results.  Plus, You will save lots of time and have fun!

Nuvita Smart Scale

In the mornings, you'll measure your weight and body fat and in the comfort of your home.  The smart scale will send your measurements automatically to your phone where you can track your progress and see the weight and body fat melting away!

Nuvita Heart Rate and Cardio Monitor

Make sure you're working out SMART and maximizing your caloric burn for up to 36 hours after you've exercised.  The cardio monitor will take out the guess work and guide you through the ideal workout for your goals and fitness level.  No matter what activity you enjoy, you'll know exactly how hard you should be working.  

Nuvita Personal Fitness App

All in one fitness app for your Weight Loss Challenge.  Set your goals.  Track your progress.  VIew your dashboard.  Engage and communicate with your community.

Powerful Premium Coaching

Technology by itself is just technology.  Your coaches will meet with you one-on-one and set your goals and design the perfect plan for you.  Your coach will track your progress from our dashboard and give you powerful and relevant guidance and support.
Questions?  Talk to a Coach.
(800) 280-0951
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